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What is a Strong Closer?


Strong Closers are sales professionals who achieve the greatest sales success, while creating a base of satisfied customers who make repeat purchases and serve as the best referral sources.


Strong Closers close more sales and sell more effectively in these ways:


  1. They actively prospect using multiple methods to sustain a pipeline of future business opportunities.

  2. They carefully qualify each prospect, always being polite and respectful, but spending the majority of their time on those prospects having the highest likelihood of becoming buyers within a reasonable period of time.

  3. They implement a follow-up contact plan for prospects who have good potential but are farther from the time when they will make their decision.

  4. They approach each buyer as a unique individual. They listen carefully, ask smart questions and truly understand each buyer, without projecting their own views of what the customer should buy.

  5. They never lie to a customer. They never cheat. They never push for a sale that they know is not right for this customer.

  6. They serve as “buying consultants,” helping customers articulate their needs more fully, using their industry and product expertise to help customers refine their needs.

  7. They develop for each customer a coordinated plan for information gathering and presentation over a series of steps that match the customer’s buying process.

  8. They take excellent notes on each contact with current and future customers, to help them personalize every step in their sales process.

  9. They offer only solutions that address each customer’s needs, and they explain their solutions in terms of the customer’s needs.

  10. They know how and when to ask for the close. And they know how to effectively address buying hesitancy that might mask itself as objections.

  11. After the close, they remain in touch to ensure total customer satisfaction and to earn repeat business, up-sell opportunities, and referrals.

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